giovedì 17 maggio 2012

GB47: Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin - "Pop Song"

Band: Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin
Title: Pop Song
Release Date: 2009
Catalog Number: GB 47
Notes: 300 copies

Second pressing of 155 on black and 155 on mixed coloured vinyl
Format: 7" record
Speed: 45rpm

A:  Pop Song B1:  So, I Went To Beach, Melody B2:  Kit Carson

Band Members:
Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin

 Nice, short trebley noise on A-side’s “Pop Song”. It’s fun and bound to annoy people who like production values with its overtly distorted vocals. Ty Segall returns to Italian label Goodbye Boozy collaborating with Mikal Cronin from Okie Dokie. The duo really works here on the B-side. “So, I went to the Beach” blends into a killer warped instrumental, my favourite cut of the three. Could imagine Elvis Gratton in a speedo bathing suit gyrating to that one! Ends with “Melody Kit Carson”. I thought this 7″ was really good. Check out all Ty Segall’s stuff including his Skin 7″ on GB, it’s incredible. (Bob Scott)


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