venerdì 18 maggio 2012

GB27: Monitors - "Rotten Body Clean-Up Crew"

Band: Monitors
Title: Rotten Body Clean-Up Crew
Release Date: 2004
Catalog Number: GB 27
Notes: 300 copies
Format: 7" record
Speed: 45rpm

A1: Rotten Body Clean-Up Crew A2: Seizure Fever B1: Future Punx B2: Teleporter Tragedy

Band Members:
BRyan, 1-D, Mechadrum

Second single from The Monitors, who, if you're not paying attention, are Ryan and Mechadrum (ex-Kill-A-Watts) and Wendy (ex-Lookers, Kryptonite Records, and more) hamming it up with some schticky future punk action. Good title cut, the mongo back-ups on "Seizure Fever" rule, nice use of bass/keys/drums instrumentation. On the flip, "Future Punx" is kinda boring, but "Teleporter Tragedy" is kinda funny. The keys sound more and more like something out of a video game on this one, but Wendy plays them well. Really bouncy and non-droning, which is good. I think they need to take this thing full circle and do like a Doctor Who concept record or cover Art Attacks' "I Am A Dalek". Or maybe a Monitors game for the Super NES console. 


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