venerdì 18 maggio 2012

GB55: Mikal Cronin - "Gone"

Band: Mikal Cronin
Title: Gone
Release Date: 2010
Catalog Number: GB 55
Notes: 300 copies
Format: 7" record
Speed: 45rpm

A:  Gone B:  Give It To Me

Band Members:
Mikal Cronin

 I thought Mikal Cronin’s “Gone” on the A-Side sounded like a stompin, TY SEGALL-like garage rocker, and of course, I see that he’s in CHARLIE AND THE MOONHEARTS and is no stranger to TY SEGALL (they collaborated on the Pop Song 7” on Goodbye Boozy a couple years ago and Reverse Shark Attack LP on Kill Shaman from last year). Mikal told me that he played all the instruments himself on both these tracks, the standout of the single being the B-Side. “Give It To Me” on the flipside is a lovely TROGGS cover that manages to both invoke the original yet sound nothing like it at all. Mikal starts his version slower, like a sleepy morning that can’t quite wake up. He takes his time with it, dipping and rising to a fuzzed out climax in ways the urgent, repetitive beat of the TROGGS’ version never did. All throughout there’s a yearning in his voice so perfect for the song that I can’t believe I never noticed it was lacking before. Probably the best TROGGS cover I’ve heard. (Janelle Hollyrock)


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