giovedì 30 giugno 2011

GB41: The B-Sides - "Wreck in Heaven"

Band: The B-Sides Title: Wreck in Heaven Release Date: 2008 Catalog Number: GB 41 Notes: 300 copies Format: 12" record Speed: 33rpm

A1: Jumping Heart A2: Smell a Rat A3: Cold Finger Tips A4: I Met You A5: Golden Fish A6: Does He Realise A7: I Can't Stand Myself  B1: Down Below B2: Drug in Thought B3: The Word B4: Bathroom Queen B5: Dark Ways B6: Where Did It Go Wrong
Band Members:
Mart (vocals, guitar, harp, tambourine), David (vocals, guitar), Jef (bass, guitar, backing vocals), Felix (drums, tambourine, backing vocals)


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