domenica 15 agosto 2010

GB45 Useless Eaters-"Agoraphobic"

Band: Useless Eaters Title: Agoraphobic Release Date: 2009 Catalog Number: GB 45 Notes: 300 copies Format: 7" record Speed: 45rpm
Tracklist: A: Agoraphobic B1: Information Freak B2: Medicate The Children
Band Members: Seth Sutton 
Reviews: Quirky punk music by The Useless Eaters from Memphis, Tennessee. You will concur that it’s wise to avoid going outside to be accosted by blood simple jocks and junkie wraiths roaming downtown or taking the disease-ridden public transportation system so you can hovel in close quarters with co-workers from hell (“Agoraphobic”). Stay in and try to resist becoming an armchair know-it-all on the internet (“Information Freak”) or become a dumbed-down, useless consumer dictated to by corporations and other institutions (“Medicate The Children”). (Bob Scott)

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