lunedì 8 dicembre 2008

GB10 Sagger-"Mindwrath"

Band: Sagger
Title: Mind Wrath
Release Date: 2002
Catalog Number: GB 10
Notes: 300 copies
Format: 7" record
Speed: 45rpm


A: Mind Wrath B: The Closest I Ever Came to Fucking Myself

Band Members:

Skull Rider (vocals), The Tonys (guitar), Sir Snacks-A-Lot (drums)


Fuck, another Sagger record! Trick Knee would be better at explaining what these kids are all about but here it goes… Evil! Ev-Fuckin’-ill! Sagger is lofi, and garagey, and pissed off! One guitar, one set of drums, and one kid screamin’ and shakin’ like he’s possessed. Feel the vibrations…TODAY, DEAD BOYS! (JD)


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