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GB12 Royal Routes - "Medium Middle Madie"

Band: Royal Routes
Title: Medium Middle Madie
Release Date: 2003
Catalog Number: GB 12
Notes: 300 copies
Format: 7" record
Speed: 45rpm


A: Medium Middle Madie B: Humdrum Humbugsnake Run

Band Members:

Martin (Vocals, guitar, harp), Édouard (Guitar), Danny (Drums)


I don’t know what the hell is in the water in Montreal, but here we have yet another mighty nice platter from the land of Les Habs and poutaine. The Routes are two-thirds of the Scat Rag Boosters plus Spaceshit/Sexareeno/Del-Gator Skid Marks/Colonel Lingus/Dorito Dan (That’s all one person. You need to take notes to keep track of these guys). Twin guitar wall of slop/static delivered over pounding skins that’s as close to blues as it gets for North of the border. The B-Side throws some wild harp playing into the fray for a slow stomping chug-a-lug of a track. Both sides are magnificent, think Scat Rags crossed with the Gang Bangs mean streak. This record makes it an even dozen singles for Goodbye Boozy without a clunker in the bunch. That’s pretty remarkable. And as always, pressed in a limited edition of 300, so start looking. (RK)

Man, best shorty I've heard in a coon's age. Nothing innovative or hat-pop-offa-bean wild on here, just some great groovin' rock 'n roll (like that ain't enough???) that's having too much fun to be concerned with what might be trendy this month in those trend-spots I keep hearing aboot (yup -- Canadia alert). Band contains a couple Scat Rag Boosters, and you can sho-nuff hear it. Drummer does that cool, off kilter stutter beat that Jamis (Mystery Girls) and That One Guy (Deadly Snakes) employ when they wanna' draw extra shuffle action from a 4/4. Special alert -- unexplained alliteration subtext contained within. Almost (nearly) makes me wanna' dance! Look out, ladies! (TK)



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